Call for Nominations - 2019 Visionary Award

Dear Collegium Alumni and Alumnae,

As Chair of Collegium’s Board of Directors, I am writing to solicit nominations for the 2019 Collegium Visionary award, and to announce the establishment of a new award to recognize some of the people who have made significant contributions to Collegium’s growth and success.

As many of you know, Collegium has awarded the Visionary Award to five deserving recipients since it was established in 2014. This has been a wonderful opportunity to highlight the great work that our alums do on campus and nationally.

At the fall 2017 board meeting, a conversation over criteria for the award led us to recognize that there were two distinct kinds of criteria that we wanted to celebrate. Unbeknownst to Tom, the board subsequently voted to establish a new award, the "Thomas M. Landy Award for Distinguished Service to Collegium." Rob Bellin, my predecessor as board Chair, presented the inaugural award to a startled Tom Landy at the 2018 summer colloquy.

At our upcoming fall board meeting, the Collegium board will clarify the details and process for the Landy Award, but for the upcoming year the selection will be handled entirely by the board. Given that we need to solicit applications for the Visionary Award in time for a vote on that at the same meeting, and rather than leave it to Tom announce an award in his name, I’m sharing news of both awards and soliciting nominations for the Visionary Award.

I anticipate that the Landy award will, as its full name suggests, award people who have made significant contributions to the organization’s work. The Visionary award will recognize alumnae/i who have extended that work in creative ways, as the 2019 Visionary Award call for nominations describes. Nominators may want to keep that distinction in mind as they write. Collegium has many great alums to celebrate, so we hope that we will once again have a solid pool of nominations, and are grateful for the work that entails.

Nominations for the 2019 Visionary Award should be emailed to by Friday, October 26, 2018. Please be sure to contact Tom or Joyce with any questions. The recipient of the award will be announced in the fall '18 newsletter, and the award will be given on the recipient’s home campus some time in the second semester of this academic year.