Director Search Stage 2: Proposal Information

The search committee will work with short-list candidates as needed to help them to craft a proposal that will allow the committee to assess candidate viability in light of details related to the home campus, balance of duties, etc.

Each short-list candidate will be asked to submit a 5-year proposal, including:

  • Relationship of Director candidate to their home institution (description of relationship between current Director and College of the Holy Cross will be provided to all short-listed candidates) 

  • Division of duties at home institution with Collegium role, including: 

    • Support of home institution in this relationship 

    • Personnel

    • Office space, utilities, telephone, computer
    • Payment processing, financial services, payroll, audit
    • Access to benefits program
    • In-house pricing
    • Web hosting 

Letter of Support from President: 
Each finalist will need to submit a letter of support from their institution’s president affirming the commitments made in the proposal with respect to institutional support. The letter should affirm that this commitment is made for five-years and is renewable upon agreement of all parties.