Collegium Visionary Award

Call for Nominations!
Shawn Ward, recipient of the 2020 Visionary Award
Karsonya "Kaye" Whitehead, recipient of the 2019 Visionary Award
Una Cadegan, recipient of the 2018 Visionary Award
John Neary, recipient of the 2017 Visionary Award
Rodger Narloch recipient of the 2016 Visionary Award.
Marianne Lloyd, recipient of the 2015 Visionary Award
Karen Eifler, recipient of the 2014 Visionary Award

The Collegium Visionary Award is meant to celebrate and advance the work of Collegium alumni/ae in the many ways that Collegium encourages:  leadership to promote Catholic mission on member campuses, scholarship to advance the Catholic intellectual tradition or to bring other traditions into fruitful dialogue with it, and innovative teaching to bring aspects of the summer colloquy to life for students.

Eligibility: All alumni/ae who participated in Collegium as faculty or graduate fellows are eligible, except for Collegium board members during the term of their board membership.

Nominations: All Collegium alumni/ae are invited to nominate fellow alumni/ae who they regard as outstanding exemplars of Collegium’s mission by one or more of the criteria described above. Nomination letters, up to 2pp. single spaced, should articulate clearly why the nominee merits the award, and help us evaluate the impact of that nominee's work on campus, in the classroom, or in the scholarly realm. Nominations for the 2022 Visionary Award should be emailed to by Friday, October 8, 2021. Please be sure to contact Tom with any questions. The recipient of the award will be announced in the fall '21 newsletter, and the award will be given on the recipient’s home campus some time in the second semester of this academic year.

The Collegium Board will review the nominations and recommend an awardee. The award will consist of a framed citation to be presented at a reception on the awardee's home campus late in the spring semester, and an award of $1000 that can be used for a retreat, in support of relevant academic research and pedagogical development, or for mission-related events on campus.  

The award will be announced in the spring newsletter.

Past Recipients