Miles Taylor

Associate Professor of English
Le Moyne College

Dr. Miles Taylor is Associate Professor of English and Director of Writing at Le Moyne College.
He completed his PhD in English at the University of Oregon with a dissertation on the
representation of English history on early modern stages. He has published on Jacobean and
Caroline drama. His current research focuses on renaissance metatheatricality and comedy. In
addition to courses in early modern English and European literature, Dr. Taylor teaches courses
in Comedy, Linguistics, and C.S. Lewis. As Director of Writing, he oversees Le Moyne’s first-
year writing program, its writing-across-the-curriculum initiatives, and the training of writing
tutors. He lives in Syracuse, NY, with his wife, a medievalist and fellow academic, and three
boys. He first attended Collegium in 2015 and is over the moon about returning to the
colloquium and to St. John’s this year.

Mentor Year: