Negotiating Identity Revisited: A Symposium for Catholic Education at a Turbulent Time

Sr. Alice Gallin’s Negotiating Identity: Catholic Identity Since 1960 (2000) unpacks a tumultuous era of Catholic higher education as Catholic colleges and universities struggled to define their identities within and with their broader constituencies, including the Vatican. The current times prove no less challenging given the exorbitant costs of private liberal arts higher education, ubiquitous secularization, closures of well-known Catholic institutions, and the pain of the sex abuse crisis. Iona College, in collaboration with institutions of the Lower Hudson Valley Catholic Colleges and Universities, will organize a Symposium for faculty and staff: 1) to discuss the current problems and possibilities in Catholic higher education; 2) take time to pray together and 3) to discern strategies to glean and transmit the very best of the tradition in these challenging times. The day will be dedicated to Sr. Alice Gallin (former Dean of the College of New Rochelle and ACCU President) and the Ursuline Sisters, in gratitude for their breadth of contributions to Catholic education.

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