Collegium Visionary Award Nomination Form

The strongest nominations provide clear, vivid examples of how the nominee merits this award, by shining lights on their work on campus, in the classroom, and/or in the scholarly realm. That is, it’s best to avoid writing as if it is for a tenure/promotion decision. Details responding to the specific prompts below will give the Collegium Board the information they need to make an informed decision about the awardee. We recognize candidates may not fit all prompts so please enter “Not applicable” for those prompts as opposed to stretching. Bulleted lists with specific examples are encouraged. Please include your written responses to the prompts below with the nomination form. Nomination submissions are due on the yearly rolling deadline of September 15th. Currently serving Collegium Board members are not eligible for nomination.

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Nominee Information
(e.g. CIT, CST, sacramental or prophetic worldviews)