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A Pause For Spiritual Refreshment

Advent Visio Divina
As the semester hurtles to its conclusion, we offer you a chance here to pause and allow yourself a few minutes of peaceful contemplation in an office-friendly version of Visio Divina, sacred seeing. This illuminated text of Isaiah’s Messianic Predictions is from The Saint John’s Bible, the first hand-rendered Bible crafted since the invention of the printing press. You’ll be led through a 14

Seton Hall Collegium Alum RFP

For April 9, 2023 Event - “Civilizational Prospects: Engaging Wicked Problems”
Deadline January 9, 2023 Are popular fears that cultural, political, economic, and ecological changes have us on the cusp of civilizational collapse accurate or overblown? How might the Catholic Intellectual Tradition provide a response to these urgent concerns? Tackling these weighty matters, University Libraries is hosting a conference “Civilizational Prospects: Engaging Wicked Problems”, to be