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  • Colloquy 2023 - Friday, June 2, 2023, 1pm - Friday, June 9, 2023, 9am

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A Pause For Spiritual Refreshment

Advent Visio Divina
As the semester hurtles to its conclusion, we offer you a chance here to pause and allow yourself a few minutes of peaceful contemplation in an office-friendly version of Visio Divina, sacred seeing. This illuminated text of Isaiah’s Messianic Predictions is from The Saint John’s Bible, the first hand-rendered Bible crafted since the invention of the printing press. You’ll be led through a 14

Reduced Fee For Extra Colloquy 2023 Participants

Summer Colloquy at University of Portland from June 2-9, 2023
One successful innovation Collegium made this past summer as we returned to an in-person colloquy was the chance for member institutions to send an extra participant for a flat fee of $1500. Over the years, a number of alums reflected that they felt fired up by the colloquy, then a bit daunted when they got back to their campuses in fall and felt like lone voices in the wilderness. Word of mouth