About Collegium

Collegium was founded in 1992 to help faculty at Catholic colleges and universities better understand the mission of Catholic higher education, with an eye to advancing that mission in creative ways that respond to the demands of their time.

Collegium is best known for its annual week-long June colloquy, where faculty of all (and no) religious backgrounds and disciplines learn about the legacy and priorities of Catholic higher education, ponder their own vocations as teachers and scholars, and discern how their commitments and talents can enhance the mission of their institution. Plenary talks, small group discussions and spaces for re-creation, reflection and prayer are interwoven to leave participants intellectually invigorated, and with a renewed sense of purpose.

Throughout the year, Collegium extends its mission through publications, online events, and small grant opportunities.


Collegium’s member institutions reflect the full diversity of Catholic colleges and universities from all over the United States and Canada. Since 2002 Collegium has been sponsored by the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, which serves as the collective voice of U.S. Catholic higher education.

Collegium’s offices and ongoing operations are located at the University of Portland, Oregon. Contact us with any questions!