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Collegium online events are open to all Collegium alumni and to faculty from all Collegium member schools. To register, if you haven’t received an email invitation, please contact info [at] collegium.org (info[at]collegium[dot]org).

  • Surprising Routes to Academic Publishing

    - Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 12 - 1pm
    Carole Sargent (alum 2009, founder of Office of Scholarly Publications at Georgetown) Sr. Jeanne Clark, OP, (Pax Christi Long Island Peacemaker of the Year recipient) Timothy Casey (alum 2011, LA-based producer of film and digital media)
    Looking for a promising path to scholarly or popular publication? Join us for our first booster shot webinar of 2023-24 with Carole Sargent, Sr. Jeanne Clark, OP, and Timothy Casey sharing All The Way In: How Mutual Spiritual Direction Led to a Published Book . These three presenters worked with…

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