What does it mean to live out one’s vocation as teacher and scholar in a Catholic college or university? What spiritual and intellectual wells can keep us fresh and nurtured throughout an academic career in such a place? Those are the questions Collegium explores.

Upcoming Events

  • Surprising Routes to Academic Publishing - Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 12 - 1pm - Carole Sargent (alum 2009, founder of Office of Scholarly Publications at Georgetown) Sr. Jeanne Clark, OP, (Pax Christi Long Island Peacemaker of the Year recipient) Timothy Casey (alum 2011, LA-based producer of film and digital media)

Featured Articles

Call for New Book Contributions From Collegium Alums

We are excited to announce that a new volume of essays written by Collegium alums is underway, and we are now seeking proposals for submissions. The book, tentatively titled Beneath the Rage and Tumult: Promoting Radical Hospitality and Belonging in College Classrooms, is conceived as a companion volume to 2014’s popular Becoming Beholders, which focuses on practical ideas for cultivating students’ sacramental imaginations. This volume will provide specific strategies for developing prophetic imagination that is turned to constructive actions.

Book Talks With Authors

Our alums and people in their professional orbits are remarkable scholars and writers, and books that matter are coming out every season. 3-4 times each year we will post a video interview with an author about their recent book. The aspiration is to give viewers/listeners a robust sense of the book in 25-30 minutes and provide a link to purchase the book directly from the publisher if you want to add it to your library.