What does it mean to live out one’s vocation as teacher and scholar in a Catholic college or university? What spiritual and intellectual wells can keep us fresh and nurtured throughout an academic career in such a place? Those are the questions Collegium explores.

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Lenten Visio Divina

As Christians move from Lent to Easter, you may enjoy this 15-minute experience of Visio Divina centered on The Resurrection illumination from the luminous The Saint John’s Bible. No words are needed, just your contemplative presence.

Collegium Visionary Award Nominations Sought NOW

Who on your campus has done a stellar job of advancing the aspirations of Collegium there? Who is promoting the Catholic mission via innovative teaching and/or service? Who has engaged in scholarship that advances the Catholic intellectual Tradition, or brings other traditions or disciplines into fruitful dialogue with it? Who is walking the inspirational talk of Catholic social teaching? Turn your answer to any of those questions into a brief nomination of that person by September 15.

Collegium Visionary Award Nomination Guidelines: