Becoming Beholders

Cultivating Sacramental Imagination and Actions in College Classrooms

Edited by Karen E. Eifler and Thomas M. Landy

Winner of the 2015 Lilly Fellows Program Book Award

Catholic colleges and universities have long engaged in conversation about how to fulfill their mission in creative ways across the curriculum. The “sacramental vision” of Catholic higher education posits that God is made manifest in the study of all disciplines.

Becoming Beholders is the first book to share pedagogical strategies about how to do that. Twenty faculty—from many religious backgrounds and teaching in fields as varied as chemistry, economics, English, history, mathematics, sociology, and theology—discuss ways that their teaching nourishes students’ ability to find the transcendent in their studies.

Karen E. Eifler past mentor for Collegium and its 2014 Visionary Award recipient. She is professor of education and co-director of the Garaventa Center for Catholic Intellectual Life and American Culture at the University of Portland in Oregon. She is the author of A Month of Mondays: Spiritual Lessons from Catholic Classrooms (ACTA Publications, 2011).

Thomas M. Landy is founder and director of Collegium and director of the Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J., Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture at the College of the Holy Cross. He is the editor of and a contributor to the book, As Leaven for the World: Catholic Reflections on Faith, Vocation, and the Intellectual Life (Sheed and Ward, 2001).

Available from Liturgical Press

Becoming Beholders is winner of the 2015 Lilly Fellows Program Book Award!

“Becoming Beholders truly has the potential to spark conversations about faith and scholariship in all sorts of unexpected places — and the larger discussion about faith and higher education will be that much richer as a result.”

Winner of the Association of Catholic Publishers “Resources for Ministry” award (2nd place)

Catholic Press Association 2015 Book Award for “Professional Books” (2nd place)