Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m not Catholic and I don’t want to be. Why would this be of interest to me?

Many faculty who come to Collegium fit this description, yet want to sort out what it means for them to have joined an institution that professes a Catholic identity. Collegium’s purpose is a) to help faculty of all faiths (or no faith) understand a bit better what it might mean for colleges and universities to profess Catholic identity, and b) to help them discern how they want to find a place in that institution’s mission, in a way that might build on connections they value to Catholicism, and respect who they are as persons. People value Collegium because it helps them see connections they want to make to Catholicism, and ways they can participate as full citizens in the life of their institution.

2. Are most people who attend Catholic?

In general, half of Collegium participants are Catholic. Some of those remain committed as adults; others have difficulties with the church. Others belong to a wide range of faiths or have no particular faith. Collegium invites honest, experiential discussion that takes each person’s history and beliefs seriously. Collegium is intended primarily for people who would not automatically feel at home in terms of the Catholic identity discussions at their institutions.