STEM Video Project Submission

Hello all! Thank you for your interest in our STEM project initiative. We are curating a compilation of short videos describing innovative ways that we incorporate mission-related topics and concepts into our science teaching, research and service. We hope that this collection will be an exciting way to engage not only Collegium alums but our larger campus and disciplinary communities. We are looking for short YouTube videos (~2-5 minutes in length) describing the nature and practice of the activity accompanied by a short text that supplements the video. What we ask here is that you consider an activity (or activities!) that you might like to share as part of this compilation.

(You may include multiple ideas/proposals) Some key questions to consider include: 1. How/why does this class/research activity address mission, social justice, etc.? 2. How long does that activity take in class/lab/etc.? 3. Is the activity tied to disciplinary content, or could it be used anywhere? 4. How have students/colleagues reacted? 5. Could this activity be collaborative with others on campus?
Please estimate when you plan to submit your video for review.