Upcoming Colloquies

The program includes small and large group discussions, opportunities for individual reflection, and major presentations by leading scholars. The curriculum includes both academic discussions and opportunities for personal and collaborative discernment about participants' future goals.

Faculty are guided through the week by experienced teachers, researchers and administrators who act as mentors, sharing their experiences, giving presentations and moderating discussions. The mentors are successful scholars in the humanities, sciences and social sciences who strive to integrate their spiritual and intellectual aspirations within the context and limits of their disciplines. Small group discussions, led by mentors, provide an intimate setting to express concerns and questions and to examine what the church and intellectual communities might need to learn from one another.

Several distinguished speakers offer their perspectives on the challenge and possibility of Catholic higher education. These scholars discuss what they find particularly compelling about the Catholic imagination in the intellectual life and offer theological insights in a context accessible to fellows from all disciplines. Follow-up discussions focus on how these insights might enrich or pose special challenges in various disciplines.

Daily opportunities for individual reflection, prayer, journal keeping, and liturgy give fellows an opportunity beyond academic discussions to discern and reflect upon their individual experiences and hopes. In addition, one day is set aside during the week to encounter a particular Christian spirituality — Ignatian, Franciscan, Benedictine, Christian Feminist, Dominican — or simply to pray and reflect with a spiritual director.

See sample Colloquy schedule HERE.