2023 Thomas M. Landy Award: Bill McDonough

Bill McDonough

One of the sweetest Collegium traditions are the poignant toasts offered by participants at the closing dinner. As the 2023 colloquy at the University of Portland concluded, Board Chair David Crowley (Assumption University) kicked off that hallowed ritual by presenting the 2023 Thomas M. Landy Award for superb service to Collegium to Bill McDonough (St. Catherine University). Bill’s amazing service to the Collegium organization has spanned many years. David noted that Bill has been a beloved mentor numerous times, and was pivotal in the successful Pause at 25, welcoming most of the attendees at the MPLS himself and ferrying them to St. Kate’s and back, as well as being the point person for the dozens of logistical details that are mostly unseen in a successful venture.

In his heartfelt remarks upon receiving the Landy Award, Bill—reflecting his wide-ranging readings—drew from bell hooks and William Lynch to remind all those present of the power of spiritual experiences in classrooms and meetings to help students and colleagues connect the fragmented pieces of their lives. In Bill’s own words, “Collegium reminds us that we find and re-find our vocations, our souls, our God in the middle of our own muddy lives….when we stop and connect with each other. I am so grateful for the connections that Collegium has helped me find and re-find over these years; connections between learning and my desire for wholeness. I’d do anything to support this organization that has helped me so much. Thank you, again, for this honor!”

Collegium thanks YOU, Bill!

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