Spiritual director for six colloquies. Joy-bringer. Despair-disperser. Deeply spiritual. Ever-joyful. That’s a handful of the ways this year’s recipient of the Thomas M. Landy Award for outstanding service to Collegium Beth Barsotti, was described by her colleagues.

As a colloquy spiritual director, Beth served with zeal, exuberance and deep listening. She has facilitated numerous retreats for Collegium, often focusing on the hidden powers of—and need for—vulnerability. One of her signature achievements was crafting a series of meaningful spiritual experiences for each day of the fully online colloquy in Summer 2021, something no one thought possible. It remains the sole colloquy with its own soundtrack, still requested by participants.

Beth accepted the award, presented by director Karen Eifler, at a faculty development event at Gonzaga University, where Beth serves as a specialist in faculty faith formation. In her remarks upon receiving the Landy Award, Beth stressed the invitation to wholeness and personal vocation that she hopes Collegium participants and alums experience. Love, gratitude and congratulations, Beth!

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