Leslie Ann Prosak-Beres

Xavier University, Ohio

Leslie Ann Prosak-Beres has been a faculty member in the Department of Childhood Education and Literacy at Xavier University since 1988, primarily teaching graduate courses in Reading Education and Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults. She was hired to be the director of the Graduate Reading Program in Education and subsequently developed the graduate program in Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults for teacher educators. Leslie has been involved in faculty leadership roles, working with fellow colleagues in making a difference in governance, curriculum, and faculty development.  She is also a Gallup Strengths Trainer and enjoys work in that area as it relates to self-esteem and self-efficacy for student educators.

Along with her role as a faculty member, Leslie works with the Office of Mission and Identity as the Director of Faculty Programs. In her tenure at Xavier she has participated in most of the programs offered by Mission and identity and felt this an opportunity to give back to the university community working as a colleague /mentor with the AFMIX Program (Assuring the Future of Mission and Identity at Xavier), IMP (Ignatian Mentoring Program), Time to Think, and retreats both on and off campus. “These opportunities with Mission and Identity have all solidified the importance of faith-based leadership in my life. Being a leader within the Xavier community and becoming a leader representing Xavier beyond the Victory Parkway loop would allow me the ability to give back all of the graces I have witnessed, received, and shared in my tenure at Xavier.”

Mentor Year: