Surprising Routes to Academic Publishing

2023-24 Collegium Webinar Series on Collegium-influenced research and creative work

Carole Sargent (alum 2009, founder of Office of Scholarly Publications at Georgetown)

Sr. Jeanne Clark, OP, (Pax Christi Long Island Peacemaker of the Year recipient)

Timothy Casey (alum 2011, LA-based producer of film and digital media)

Looking for a promising path to scholarly or popular publication? Join us for our first booster shot webinar of 2023-24 with Carole Sargent, Sr. Jeanne Clark, OP, and Timothy Casey sharing All The Way In: How Mutual Spiritual Direction Led to a Published Book. These three presenters worked with Robert Ellsberg at Orbis Books to publish a new book, All the Way In: A Story of Activism, Incarceration, and Organic Farming, published in March 2023. Sr. Jeanne Clark, OP is the author, and it is her first book at age 85. The writing of it, however, was deeply informed by what two Collegium alumni learned through its practices.

This webinar on spiritual writing will present the process of developing this book from start to finish. In the words of the 3 presenters, we did not use conventional how-to-write methods, but instead allowed it to arise from our mutual interests in meditation, contemplation, and silence. Participants will get ideas for fresh ways to do this on their own campuses, either with official writing mentors such as Sargent, or with colleagues.