2024 Annual Colloquy


The newest assembly of participants will gather for this year’s annual colloquy at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA from June 14-21. The habit of sending multiple participants from single schools continues to gain steam. This year will see three new mentors, along with three veterans. In addition, we’ll welcome a new speaker for the session on Catholic Social Teaching, and podcasts, readings, and videos suggested by recent alums. A generous 3-year grant from Interfaith America will provide funds for schools brand-new to Collegium to attend for the first time. Viterbo University and Niagara University are the first to take advantage of this opportunity. We are also delighted to welcome Rockhurst university back after a few years’ hiatus.

The deadline for registration is April 16. Please contact us if you need more information.

*The official start and end time of the colloquy are the evenings of June 14 and 20, with June 21 being the travel day home.